Chairman/Principal Message

Dear Student,

Over the past twenty-seven years, Coleman College has expanded its scope of operations offering a wide range of education and training services to meet the needs of our students and working adults in Singapore and the region. Besides being one of the established institutions providing English Language and preparatory courses to foreign students, Coleman College also offers other academic and professional courses including tourism and hospitality, logistics management and sports and coaching. Some of these courses can be articulated to certificates, diplomas with pathways leading to degrees from international Universities. Coleman College occupies an area of about 15,000 sq feet with a total of 14 well-equipped training rooms. Study corners and free access to computers with wireless internet connection are made available to further enhance our students’ learning experience. All the classrooms and facilities are carefully planned to ensure convenience for  all. We are committed to delivering quality service and programmes to our customers and partners. Coleman College nurtures a pool of qualified, experienced and committed staff to provide effective and efficient services and programmes to our students.  In line with its commitment to uphold the quality and effectiveness of its services, the College maintains a teacher-student ratio of 1:40 for tutorial and 1:64 for lectures. The College provides clear and accurate information on all its courses’ pre-requisites and fees, including a breakdown of course fees and non-course fees payable by the students. This information is made available to all prospective students before enrolment and marketing materials. For more information on our fee structure, please kindly contact us. We welcome you to visit us and enquire about our programmes, and experience for yourself our commitment to service quality, effectiveness in the delivery of our services and care for our students.

Chay Yee


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Admission Exercise for International Students

Our heartiest congratulations to our students below who have gained admission to the government schools as indicated (2014 intake) No. NAME SCHOOL NAME STREAM 1
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To: Miss Siew
I am learning in your class, Mercury. I will finish class on Friday 28th September 2012. I am learning in your class, I’ve learned so many new words as vocabulary, and grammar. Miss Siew is kind, funny person. She teaches the subject clearly and easy to understand. She uses many ways to make me to memorize the words better. Finally, I want to say “Thank you very much”, and I will miss you so much. I will never forget you. I love you.
From: Piamkuntham Salisa

Dear Mr. Chay Yee
My Experience in Coleman College
I am Jakkaphan Maitripoj, a former student of Coleman College. I am writing this letter to express my gratitude and appreciation towards this institution which has greatly contributed to my academic progress and character development.
When I first came to Singapore, I was like a frog which just came out from a deep well. I knew little about how stiff the competition is in Singapore. In fact, I was taken aback and felt very worried when I failed my Math and English Primary 6 diagnostic test at Coleman College. Fortunately, with the help of Mr. Wong, my Math teacher, and Ms. Adrian, My English teacher, I put in my optimum efforts and hoped for the very best. Initially, my hope of getting into a secondary 3 was faint but with their help, I could see a brighter light in the darkness. Indeed, I finally managed to get into secondary three. This definitely cannot be made possible without these wonderful teachers.
Furthermore, I have also learnt various beneficial values from Coleman College. Mr. Wong taught me about resilience and integrity. One quote from him which I remembered until now is ‘If you believe you can do it, you can do it. Miracle only happens to those who believe’. This quote never fails to lift up my spirits whenever I feel discouraged. He also emphasized on honesty. Once, one of my classmates attempted to cheat in a Math test. Mr. Wong ferociously torn his paper and declared him as cheating. This made me realized of the detrimental consequence of cheating. There are many other values which I was taught but these two values are the most significance ones.
After I have gotten into a secondary school, I still visited Coleman consistently to show my academic results. When I was informed about the scholarship program, I thought it would not be possible because a private education centre is neither funder by the government nor alumni. However, to much of my surprise, it was established.
Although I did doubt the purpose of this scholarship initially, I skeptically accepted this generous offer. As the program progresses, my doubt slowly faded away as the English course proved to be highly effective and the college showed a deep concerned about a study. Through this program, I managed to make two grades improvement in my English within a year while coping with the increasing difficulty in English exams simultaneously. I definitely owe this achievement to Coleman College and my English teacher, Mrs. Tay. She is experienced and her teaching method is perfectly crafted to make the students score in exams. If this program will continue, I hope that Mrs. Tay will still be involved.
To me, Coleman College is more than a mere education centre but it is rather a school which is sincerely concerned about the academic progress of its students. It ensures that the students can get in and, most importantly, can survive in secondary schools in Singapore.
Thank you,
Jakkaphan Maitripoj


To: The Advisor of International Students, Ministry of Education, Foreign Students Unit
From: Mr. Calvin Wiratama
13 March 2009

Report of my studies for the past two years

I am writing this report to inform you about my studies in Singapore for the past two years.

I am a student from a small town in Indonesia. When I first arrived in Singapore, I knew nothing about English. I have not been educated in English before. So, I have a bit of communication problem. Furthermore, the lifestyles here differ a lot from those in my country. I have taken quite some time to adapt myself to environment in Singapore. Everyone here is rushing for time while I am lagging behind, and so I have to bulk up.

Since I have communication problem, I found myself an agent. She is an Indonesian, so she treated me very well. I was recommended a few language centres, including Coleman College, Brightor School, Cambridge College, Kumon, and others. I went down to all these language centres personally to check the learning environment. After some consideratons, I chose Coleman College because it has a better environment for study.

In Coleman College, I took the government school preparatory course (prep class). This is a whole day course. In this course, we were only taught the two most important subjects, Mathematics and English Language. I was able to cope with my Maths, but for English, totally not. I have to start from zero and learn the basic. There were so many vocabularies and the grammar was very hard to master. After some time, a lot of progress has been achieved, and I was ready to sit for the PACT test. The test was done in October. The results were not so good, however it was above average. With this result, I was able to register to a government school. Then, I was enrolled into Broadrick Secondary School.

In the past one year, I have been doing consistently well, and I have cleared all my subjects, including English. This year, I am taking my GCE ‘O’ levels. I wish I could score and get into a good junior college.

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